Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Short story and a plethora of gigs!

April 2011: Status of the band, well not so great. A hiatus for 2 years - how long can the faith feed. A butterfly effect moment, a spark and a determination to move things around. A decision to do it all over again, right from 0. Rub off all the cracks of the past and not mend anything but build from scratch.

July 2011: Two singles come out on limited release - Tale of the Liars and Magic. Rave reviews all around - esp from music lovers who thought that this band has more to offer than just these 2 songs.

August 2011: Preps went on full swing for a grand comeback with the backs against the wall. 5 believers made to think by 1 Manager.

September 2011: Faith instilled, geared up for shows. Hits a venue in Bangalore.

October 2011: Preps to grow stronger. Not letting a note slip. To become stronger, BIGGER, BETTER.

November 2011: Gigs Line up:

12th November - The Kyra Theaters Bangalore.
13th November - The Legends of Rock, Bangalore.
16th November - Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore (I-Rock South Zone finals)
19th November - The Kyra Theaters Bangalore (W.O.R.M.E fest South Zone finals)
25th November - Strawberry Fields, NLS, Bangalore.

We have not only decided to break our shells but we have decided to fly at the same time.
Reign over time is all we fight for, and for us - it's just the beginning!

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