Sunday, August 26, 2012

A New Dark Project Sound (A Post by Sudipto)

Everything that sustained over a period of time, had to evolve. It had to evolve in a better way, and not degrade to demotivate. It's about getting to that level of satisfaction with your craft that you feel the need to take it one level higher every time. Today we have played music together for about 6 years. Each day was resounding to let me give up the fight. It's only been a year out of those 6 that i could be with them at the same place, at the same time. It has been a great deal of tackling things - right from Family, to career, to your own living, to choosing a City. Funny how we make choices at every step of our lives, sometime consciously and sometimes without us knowing what we just did. Ours was the former, so it took a great deal of effort.

After 6 years, we are on the verge of releasing our third album. I still see it as our first because this time around, we didn't make music to sustain ourselves, to give ourselves that hope that we should survive, instead, this time we made music to make a point. With the ever increasing number of bands in India and real talented ones, it's not only important to live upto the standards but also to not produce something that will be a let down to the scene. We did some real evaluations before taking up the road to write this record. It had to follow a process that we did not follow so far. It had to be given the share of it's own time so that it gets settled in our  heads too. The recording process had to be something, we were very particular about. We didn't want to make our songs sound like our previous ones, atleast from production quality. Also, in the process, we decided to have 3 sets of recording - Composition, Demo and Production quality. Naturally the process took over 6 months now and we have hit the Demo stage finally. The idea is to get better with every iteration but at the same time, at each level - we want to give our best effort. 

We just finished tracking Duality yesterday. When Ugyal played the riff around a year back, i found it to be a song that will change the landscape of our sound. We didn't want to write another complicated record this time, we just wanted to stay simple and dwell around it to make it sound tighter. Duality talks about the story of schizophrenia. Not that it's not a well worked out subject already, but we wrote the words around a human beings realization to the idea and a constant will to not show it to his lover - just for a better life. 

I live on dreams, i live with hope. Despite all the sins, i believe Karma will define everything eventually. 6 years and finally, i have a feeling that we may have hit the sound, we wanted to have all these years. Not been a easy ride - hope you'd like it too. I leave you with a few lines from Duality:

"The day you will find, a mirror that hides through the broken walls, inside my pretty life"
"Elevates my days of suffering"
"For the love i hate to share with you"
"With the silence persistent, underneath my face.."

Adios for now!

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Unknown said...

An awesome compilation. Duality marks your international standard. Really its being an outstanding for our ears to sooth ourselves. Expectation is getting higher from you guys. Best wishes...\nn/