Monday, September 24, 2012

Get ready for Salvation releasing on 30th September!

Salvation has different meanings for everyone. But for us, Salvation is our next Single out of our forthcoming album. This is another demo track in a series of 4 Demo Singles that we have plans to release out of the album.

Salvation was conceived around 5 months back on a 5 string acoustic guitar by Sudipto (the 6th one became a victim of lethargy) and later everyone from the band turned the song upside down into something unique and beautiful. Sauvik came up with a Prime number pattern on the distortion strikes (Go figure) and Korak used double bass in a very unconventional way for the first time in the album. Ugyal spread his magic over the riffs and the leads. The song went into post production around 2 weeks back and we must say, Sauvik has done a great job with it.

Can't really wait for you guys to give a listen to it. This is the first Dark Project song releasing on the Radio - Radio One, 30th September at 9 PM in Bangalore. We put up a small promo for you guys before it releases in another 5 days. Till then Keep 'em coming!

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