Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dark Project presents Long Way From Home

2 album with over 20 compositions, yet it didn't satsify me on a personal ground on what i was set to achieve with Dark Project. We were sparse entities living in our own little worlds, in the creeks of places like the hostel rooms or the rented apartments. It had to take a mammouth effort to put the pieces back in place to start making music just the way you hear it on the record. Everybody's sacrifice to come to the city of Bangalore has been a tale i have held close to my heart. When individuals have families, career aspirations and most importantly a necessity to find one's own survival - music in India takes a back seat.

The good news is that i am not with such individuals who play music for instant fame. I am not with a set of individuals who value gimmicks more than art. I am with individuals who win everything they put a step on. 2 years of playing music in Bangalore, together as a band and a will to write an album that would replicate the exact sound of madness that we held inside. Hence came a decision to put the ink to paper and write a record that would correct all the things we missed out in the past and express our feelings as individuals much on a personal level.

Long Way From Home is not Dark Project's 3rd album, i always regard it as the first and an onset of a journey that forgets about how much we had to fight to put the bricks together but rather sketches a painting of our souls while we try to connect to our admirers in a fresh n new way. The album has  taken almost a year to compose and record. Precisely with 8 tracks - each bleeding into the other, is composed, mixed, played, written, produced by Dark Project.

The songs deal with a variety of subjects including faith, love, bravery, sacrifice and what not. I have heard it on repeat as we went on to achieve near perfection with our limited boundaries. We didn't want this to become just another record but something we have put our best in. Duality is the first single off the album and will be released as a video in the month of September, followed by the album launch and possibly gigs to promote it.

Not everything is in one's hand, rather i think there's nothing in our hands than to just give it the best shot we could. After putting the unmixed record on play - i can rest assure tell the world that i am really proud of what we have made. Sauvik, Ugyal, Korak and last but not the least Daryl have done a tremendous job with the album and only makes me want to write music for another 100 years, if mortality permits me that rule.

Sweat, anger, effort and a never say die attitude is what brings this album together in one piece. I guess i would want to dedicate this album to my mom and to each of our families who have been enormous in supporting us through our lives. There cannot be a 'Dark Project' lighting it up without them!!


We meet ourselves,

We meet ourselves into someone we don't know.
We try to chase, we try to chase that someone we don't know.
Will you cry for someone to write the story of your own?
Will you jump, will you break to reach where you belong?


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