Saturday, July 19, 2014

Long way from home!

We are proud to present our 3rd studio album - "Long way from home" to all of you. There are few things which are definitely very special about this album:

1. This is the first Dark Project album that has been conceptualized inside a Jam room keeping in mind the Live performance of the band. We played all the instruments and we can play it as is Live.

2. In this era of loudness - this record doesn't try to pierce your ear drums. We acknowledge the loudness war by staying away from it.

3. This album has taken the longest to record even after having the whole band in the same city. It took us over 3 years to make this record.

4. We had a demo recording of the album followed by a re-recording of each instrument during the final album cut. The album is a few MBs but the recording material has been well over a TB.

5. All the songs of the album are constructed to be connected. Each song ends as a prelude to the next one. So if you play the song on a modern CD player, it would appear as one single connected train of emotions besides the fact that it has meta tags on each of the tracks to identify itself on these players.

Above all, this is the simplest Dark Project album till date from progressions to it's lyrical content. We valued each song on it's merit and enjoyed every bit of it while recording it.

We have the entire album on free streaming on our website but when you know that we have spent so much behind it, we just expect you to buy it as well. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us till this far. We all are nomads in some form - "Long way from home"!

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