Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dark Project on ReverbNation Now...

The post release times are the most anxious ones because we bring our music out of our 4 walls to the world. This time, it's been a limited release with Magic and Tale of the Liars. We have given both these singles as free downloads on our website and we have only catered to our supporters for the opinion. However, as we mend one more step forward, we have created a profile in ReverbNation and have put out our music there.

Check this out: and share the music.

By all grace we have not done that bad so far as we are currently ranked 5th on Bangalore's Rock Charts and 30th on the National charts in just two weeks. We expect the ranks to go up as we keep getting such tremendous support from all of you guys. With a bunch of shows on the plate, venues interested in hosting us - This comeback will just get sweeter with time! Thanks for the support!! Keep Playing us!

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