Thursday, June 30, 2011

Magic and Tale of the Liars - Now Playing...

After a wait of almost 2 years, post the release of Liberty & Entropy, Dark Project is out with their two brand new Singles - Magic and Tale of the Liars. The band was in hiatus for quite sometime and in the process they also relocated from their earlier base in Kolkata to Bangalore. Embarking on their DIY philosophy, these singles are tracked/mixed/mastered in their home based studio. These two singles are on a limited release on their official website and on their official ReverbNation page: The initial response to the two singles have been gratifying with the band peaking at #1 position on the RN Alternative Charts for Bangalore. Check them out, if you haven't done that already.

About Magic:

Magic is a word that means something special, something that is out of the ordinary. After living our lives in a hiatus for over 1 and half years, we realized the importance of this band in our lives. The song is inspired by a piano doodle from Adriana that came out of a Random Jam over a Online video chat. The words of the song describe the celebration of a relationship that exists all around us. The moment we realize the importance of it - nothing but 'Magic' Happens! After all it's one life - live your dreams!

About "Tale of the Liars":

This song has a sarcastic take on the state of our society and on our generation that is slowly becoming a part of a rat race without having the concern regarding some of the basic needs in life. We are all caught up in the web of earning money as we forget the real meaning of life basing our promises on false truth. We look up to a fake upwards "North" on profit curves and try to be the "Jack" of all trades, we realise that this is really not the society as it should function - but has become a battlefield.

The composition started off with a "Indianized" riff composed by Ugyal and gradually evolved as each of the band members had a significant contribution to compliment it. This song marks the comeback of Dark Project into the Independent music circuit after a break of almost close to 2 years.

Do let us know about your thoughts. Do let your friends know about us - Remember, we did everything on our OWN!

Check the lyrics and the cover art on our music page.


Abigail Alexis~ said...

:) See I knew introducing you to Adriana would have some good influences :) Love of music is contagious, and spreads :)

Both your two new singles are great !!! Love it, and please keep it up !!!

Dark Project forever !!! :D

Unknown said...

The two singles are kind of poles apart. Their genesis was from drastically different points.

Humorous quote of the day "Well, there's something money can't buy - for everything else - there's something called - Creativity! :)"

Abigail Alexis~ said...

Yes, the two singles are very very different. but I did feel they complimented each other quiet well.

My one complaint is that the single has not been made into a hard copy. I very much enjoy holding the the booklets,seeing the art work up close, and having the lyrics in the booklet to read. Is that now a thing of the past??? Do you think all music is headed this way??? To only being online???

Unknown said...

I don't necessarily think that hard copies will ever be out of fashion. In fact I agree with the feel you mention of a physical package. It is indeed a loss laden venture to print two tracks and package them.

In India it is like an semi-obsolete thing. Majority of the people want their music in some portable format - iPods, mp3 players, mobile phones, etc.

It was a conscious decision of giving everybody an option.

a) If someone prefers the portability, they can download the MP3s for free.

b) If they want a physical copy, they can grab the hi-definition CD format lossless file from We have included print quality version of the insert, too, if someone buys them as an album. They can print the insert, burn a CD and place it in a slim case

You may also like reading this - Rationale on buying and listening to whole albums.

Abigail Alexis~ said...

I will try the suggested you had mentioned as soon as I can get a good printer hooked up.

The article, I have read more then once. I would agree...though there are fewer musicians that put out albums, were I can stand to listen to everyone of there songs :P