Wednesday, June 29, 2011

...and we are BACK!

5th September 2009, The Pub Rock Fest,Someplace Else, The Park, Kolkata, we left the stage at around 1:30 AM in the morning playing alongside Galeej Gurus. Little did we know that it was the onset of a long hiatus that will run for another year and half. But things happen for the good. We went back to our respective day jobs, hung up our shoes for a while and experienced a phase, which told us why we needed to play music. We just prayed everyday for the time to come and there was nothing more than self belief that lead us back into this thing. We started hitting the Jam room from Jan this year. With a new bassist in place, we were determined to define ourselves in a better way. The real thrust came in, in the form of 'Magic' (Name of our new single) in April this year....and right now, we have produced two brand new singles for you all. With a new manager, a new outlook and a handful of shows to look upto it can be an easy guess that Dark Project is BACK!

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