Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let the Credits Roll!

Dark Project won't be what it is today without it's faith keepers. You have been a wonderful support to all of us. As we gear up to the release of our two brand new singles - 'Magic' and 'Tale of the Liars', we have a bunch of very special people that we would like to thank:

1. Kalyanbrata Sarkar: Korak's father, if he wouldn't have had a chat with Sudipto on one of the nights from Brazil, this day would have waited for a longer time. Thank you!

2. Sapna Jayraman: The lady who got us back while we were still trying to grab a foothold. Made us believe that we have left an unfinished job.

3. Bharat Rajagopalan: Also, the voice of Indi Graffiti. He inspired Sudipto in the utmost challenging times, to not give up. Thank you.

4. Anirban Ghoshal: Also, the new manager of Dark Project. Thanks for putting your faith in us.

5. Firoze: For your side projects with Sauvik, that really never took him out of the scene. Thank you.

6. Last but not the least - YOU - If it wasn't for you, this post will be non-existent in time. Thanks for all the support and all the admiration that you have provided to each one of us through phone calls, mails, Facebook etc.

We promise that we will NOT let you down and we are here to stay!

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